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P re f a c e
J B L wishes to thank you for selecting a
P roject K2 S9800 loudspeaker system.
It represents the sum total of our re-
search and developmental efforts in
sound reproduction over the last half
c e n t u r y. We have labored to create a
loudspeaker system with no acoustical
or electrical limitations whatsoever.
While the P roject K2 S9800 l o u d-
speaker is itself a new development,
the goal behind it goes right back to
the earliest days of the original James
B. Lansing Sound Company.
But it is your listening pleasure that
ultimately determines how successful
we are in this endeavor. It is solely in
the interest of ensuring a perfect listen-
ing experience that we ask you to
faithfully follow the set-up and opera-
tion procedures outlined in the P ro j e c t
K2 S9800 Owner’s Refere n c e.
This manual exists for several purpos-
es. As your owner's manual, it contains
all necessary background information
and detailed instructions for setting up
your P roject K2 S9800 l o u d s p e a k e r
system, including unpacking the loud-
s p e a k e r, selecting the correct location,
speaker wire, wiring scheme and
amplification, and connecting it up to
its associated electronics. This infor-
mation will be found in Chapters 4
through 8. In addition, we have includ-
ed a detailed description of your
P roject K2 S9800 l o u d s p e a k e r s
(Chapter 3) so that you may become
thoroughly acquainted with its unique
design and technological features.
Although physically and materially
imposing, the set-up procedure of the
P roject K2 loudspeaker system is rela-
tively simple. We strongly urge you to
read this manual thoroughly before you
begin, and consult it frequently
throughout the process. Considerations
must be made in placing the speakers;
their stature makes it imperative that
you become familiar with the entire
set-up process in advance.
Also, we believe that the historical and
technical information included will add
immeasurably to your total enjoyment
of the loudspeaker system. As a loud-
s p e a k e r, P roject K2 S9800 is unparal-
leled in the field of sound reproduction.
The story and principles behind it are
an interesting, informative and fitting
precursor to a lifetime of musical
e n j o y m e n t .

Project K2 S9800


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